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Bruce: The Mechanical Shark - Shipping Update

Bruce The Mechanical Shark from StannArts Now Shipping!

Our 'Bruce: The Mechanical Shark' kits started shipping last week. HUZZAH!

Please, please...please be patient. We are currently processing orders as quickly as we can.

For those that may not be aware - we started accepting pre-orders for this kit back in November, so all of those (totally awesome) folks will be getting theirs first. It will take us some time to get caught up. Wait time for more recent orders is estimated to be between 5-8 weeks.

Everyone will receive an email from us along with a tracking number just as soon as your order ships.

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Looks simply awesome. I’m a Star Wars guy through and through but reckon I could make room for this wee beastie.

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I will be doing another SW kit as soon as I'm done with the Kong armature....I promise. I know it's been a while. One reason I have taken a brake from it lately - is because there is just SO much SW stuff out there already...especially 3D printed stuff.


I'm all in! Best Bruce so far I have seen in model form! GREAT work and a fantastic presentation and base concept!

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Thanks so much! I really appreciate the positive feedback!