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Tauntaun Resin Kit Availability

Tauntaun Resin Kit from StannArts
Tauntaun Resin Kit (Han Solo Version)

Some of you may have noticed that our Tauntaun has been sold out for a bit. We have had lots of back-in-stock requests, so I just wanted to let everyone know that it will be available again very soon.

The Tauntaun kit is a resin cast kit that requires about 20 silicone molds. The Tauntaun sculpt is very detailed and very hard on the molds. Every time a casting is pulled from it's mold - all of those little details and textures rip at the silicone. It certainly doesn't take long before the mold loses it's ability to release the castings. In most cases, you're lucky if you get 40-60 pulls from a high-quality mold (depending on the part you're casting.) I like to keep the castings as clean as possible, so I have decided to make at least one more set of molds. I'm hoping to have the kits available again by March.

The Tauntaun was originally released in September of 2019. I've lost track how many times I've had to redo the molds for this kit. Same with the Dewback which goes all the way back to 2006. Usually I can just redo them without having to make the kits unavailable, but the more kits I have the harder it becomes to maintain all of the molds.

If you are still interested in one, you can go to the product page and add yourself to the notification list. You'll receive an email as soon as I add inventory.

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